March 1, 2021

Making Things Work: Catching Up With Emil Reisser-Weston

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We had a chance to catch up with Emil Reisser-Weston is the Managing Director of e-learning WMB, an organisation that has been helping company’s use learning management systems to build performing organisations for over 20 years and which recently launched Open eLMS, which has been described as 'the Netflix of e-learning. 

Emil has been active in the field of computer based training and e-learning since 1993, during which time he has been head of design for both e-learning development and associated Content and Learning Management systems. Emil holds a masters in Work Design and Ergonomics and puts usability at the forefront of all his work.

The Netflix of e-learning

Emil wanted to develop and design an e-learning platform that required no training, they looked at systems that were inherent in our culture and the Netflix template fit the bill. Then came the birth of Open eLMS. The system was designed to be user friendly with the capability and options for people to build and design their very own e-learning format. Having options that allow you to impart your own content to gathering and information from our library, the options are endless and customisable. 

Open eLMS is a Learning Management System, and so much more: LMS, LXP, MIS, VLE, CMS - Open eLMS does it all. Open eLMS has a user experience which has been described as 'the Netflix of elearning' - making learning a joy. Usability is carried over to management tasks with role specific dashboards ergonomically designed to ensure ease of use and minimal training time.

Emil explained that the usability of Open eLMS allows people within any organisation to customize training and education courses functionally, to fit their needs. The system is efficient and user-friendly, everything available is like having bits and pieces that you put together to make it your own. In the end you have results that are sleek and professional.

E-learning Culture  

Open eLMS is not only a great tool for education and learning purposes, Emil explained that good e-learning can affect culture in a business. When done well an organisation can improve culture as a whole. From a business standpoint something such as an induction can be fun and exciting with e-learning, You are able to create environments for people where they are excited and comfortable, yet not intimidated. It is about a human experience blending with the technology.

Emil left us off left with brilliant advice,  Dont settle with what you've got, regardless if you're a learning development manager, an HR manager or a manager in any management position, it doesn't matter, you at your e-learning you have and ask yourself 

  • How are people using the program you have in place?
  • Engaging in it
  • Are people smiling while they are using the system?
  • Are people being left behind because they don't know how to use it?
  • Does your system even reflect your business?

If the answer to any of those questions were no then I would invite you to look at other systems available out there.