February 8, 2021

Making Things Work: Sitting Down With Marlo Brooke

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Marlo Brooke's mission is to increase the efficiency, safety and effectiveness of equipment, systems and processes, at the point of need. Avatar is a leader in mixed reality solutions. We had a chance to catch up with Marlo, who outlines her vision for the role that mixed reality solutions will play in helping people be more effective in their jobs in the future.

“Mixed reality plays a significant role in organizations. Companies that do not implement mixed realities will suffer without.” 

What is mixed reality you may ask? Mixed reality is the result of merging the physical world with a virtual world to create new environments where the physical and digital objects interact with one another in real-time. Mixed reality takes place in a hybrid of our physical and digital worlds. 

Mixed reality encompasses both augmented reality and augmented virtuality. Mixed reality aims to create an environment with interactive digital objects. Augmented By requires a screen to experience the augmented experience. Mixed reality is commonly experienced through a headset (similar to virtual reality).

“Mixed reality is the combination of the best virtual and augmented reality”

Marlo explained that when an organization implements mixed reality (real environment, augmented, virtual, extended) the opportunities open for real business needs and these needs grow. The benefits of mixed reality come in many forms such as elimination and reduction of errors by 30-75%. 

Organizations who have workers performing tasks particularly benefit, this is due to the training mixed reality can provide. Imagine being able to have workers who are novice and can quickly adapt and learn. There are studies with proven results, in which companies who use mixed reality for training purposes have had novice workers start and after training perform their jobs at a skill set and level several times higher than they would be able to do otherwise.

Covid-19 is a great example of how mixed reality can work in an organization. Marlo explained that the healthcare sector has been for obvious reasons highly impacted by the coronavirus, because of this many workers on many different levels of healthcare have had to step up with their skillset. Healthcare organizations simply do not have the time or capacity to train people and get them up to speed.

“There is a desperate need to train people but time is not available”

Mixed reality allows for people on all levels of the healthcare spectrum (surgeons, nurses, technicians etc) to get answers and training at a rapid pace.

Having the benefit of both augmented and virtual reality provides both simulated and real-world training, this allows us to gather information in both controlled and non-controlled environments. Information like that can be applied and used in organizations like manufacturing and retail.

At the end of our conversation Marlo left us off with some advice and lastly explained, companies who are not looking into mixed reality solutions will face a big problem in our slumping economy. Mixed reality when correctly implemented into an organization will save a company money, while at the same time help it make money. It needs to be done right, so do your homework first with people that know what they are doing, people who will develop a proper plan to move your company forward.