January 8, 2021

Making Things Work: Speaking With Lori Figueiredo

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We had a chance to catch up with Lori Figueiredo, a Digital Learning Strategist who has a vision, not only to uplift the way we do business, but to significantly contribute to shaping the future of how we work and learn together. 

Lori has over 28 years of experience in organizational learning, people development and ongoing performance improvement. 

Lori explains how when there is more disruption, there is more innovation.

In any organization you need to to search and find people who can create and handle disruptions. Disrupting the safe and steady, to create something new.

These people standout, because they can see the opportunity in disruptions as opposed to seeing it as a challenge. 

When people can change the way they view disruptions, problems or challenges, they can rise up as leaders in any industry.

Lori spoke about the 5 P’s all organizations need to have, to be able to create any space or environment that works best for people on all levels in an organization.


Identify the PEOPLE 

  • People: Involving the right people needed for any personal goal or organizational change.

Define the PURPOSE 

  • Purpose: Having clarity on the outcome and the purpose – which then determines the learning required.

Design the PROCESS 

  • Process: Having a common process engaging people to achieve their common outcome.

Have a set of PRINCIPLES

  • Principles: Having rules of engagement to create the right environment for positive change.

Set up the PLATFORM 

  • Platform: Having a platform for the change, including creating time for change.

Combining these key points with the right technology for the job needed will get an organization to the finish line of any project, campaign, or challenge.

It's all about people. People collaborating, discussing and learning from each other. When you have leaders working with and alongside people from all different levels “this is where the magic happens” say Lori, add in a few disruptions and make things happen. 

Real learning is when you engage with people on levels of an organization, that is really when you can break things down and shake things up. Communicating this way opens up pathways to solutions and enables organizations to evolve and grow.

Learning is a process that requires a combination of online and offline education. Leaders must be involved, not sitting on the sidelines just listening. 

Lori gave us a great example of this:

A restaurant group wanted to discuss what should the organization do to change and improve the customer experience, Lori who sitting in on this discussion asked:

 “Where are the real people we need to be asking? Where are the frontliners and night shift workers? Let’s get the people who actually do the job in here, and in on this discussion to see and hear what needs to be done”.

Over weeks of getting those people in and getting them to warm up and open to have these conversations, the organization was able to use solid information and found ways to improve and better the customer experience. 

Due to the fact that the leaders of that organization engaged with people on a whole other level, they were able to use this disruption to make better decisions and achieve better results.

“In my experience of being in this industry for 28 years, every organization should create spaces to formally support formal, informal learning, and the natural way we learn.” -Lori Figueiredo

To learn is to grow, Lori also spoke about people needing to connect on a human level to learn and evolve.

Lori explained that as a leader you must be able to connect and understand different people from yourself and their culture. Having this type of connection helps you in the boardroom, this is another way of connecting with a purpose. 

In this day and age we have all the technology we want at our fingertips, tech tools are vital in any organization because they amplify and organize people's efforts. When it really comes down to real success it is all about connecting and learning together with people.

Connecting and learning on an emotional level creates a force that pushes people to think, change when needed, and grow. 

“Change is a conscious choice, change is a space where you can think and change the dynamics” -Lori Figueiredo

Lori ended our conversation with some words of wisdom and sound advice. Leader needs to make a conscious effort to be uplifting and supportive with team members on all levels, it ignites change. It will make work and the workplace more inspiring and as a whole successful.

It is what Lori calls the “tiramisu effect” tiramisu in Italian means “lift people up” 

  • Uplift
  • Upscale
  • Inspire

Do these things with each other and everyone in the organization will do better.