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In the digital world, the stability, scalability, and flexibility of a company is often not immediately evident. With technology changing each day, you need someone who understands the digital business environment to uncover the true valuation of any company - and that's where we come in.

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Are you making the right decision?

Are you looking at acquiring a company? While it may seem like you have a great deal lined up on paper, the business world has moved away from paper - and that's exactly the problem. Without a clear understanding of how digitally contemporary the company you're looking to acquire is, you won't be able to understand the potential risks or the true value of the company. We work with you to get an objective view of the target company's state of technology and where it stands on digital ways of working; Giving you a clear understanding of potential risks, opportunities, and the the financial & time investment required to modernise and ensure profit from the acquisition.

Add digital expertise to your due dilligence & portfolio assessments.

Our team is made up of experienced CTO's, CDO's, CIO's who understand the digital business landscape better than anyone else. Our practical hands-on knowledge of how technology affects businesses allows us to give world class insights into the true state of a business in the digital world.

What does a modern portfolio mean to you?


Paper based portfolios are prone to falling behind at any moment. Having modernized companies gives your valuation stability.


We set your portfolio companies up to scale. One of the biggest benefits of technology based processes is how easy it is to replicate.


Having a contemporary portfolio gives you the flexibility to adapt with the times and change your processes for the better.

Highlight the important risks.

Our Digital Due Diligence provides you clear and pragmatic insight to opportunities for better using what is already in place, potential quick-win business and technology improvements, and possible technology cost savings. It will also highlight risks including, but not limited to:

  • Ageing Infrastructure
  • Ineffective Data Management
  • Software Licensing Exposure
  • Modern Technology Compatibility

Companies we've worked with

It's time to truly understand the state of the companies in your portfolio.

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