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You need to understand the true state of your organisation. In the digital world, the stability, scalability, and flexibility of a company is often not immediately evident. With technology changing each day, you need someone who understands the digital business environment to uncover the true valuation of any company - and that's where we come in.

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Is your organisation contemporary enough?

Whether you are looking to hold onto your company for the next ten years, or you're looking to sell as soon as possible, it is imperative that you fully understand the digital state of your company. If you aren't including a digital maturity assessment completed by technology experts in your valuation assessments, there is a huge blind spot that contributes to a false valuation. By working with BML Digital, you will be able to clearly understand the scalability, flexibility, and stability of your portfolio companies - along with the required investment and steps that will allow you to bring your business to your ideal valuation & revenue goals.

Add digital expertise to your valuation assessments.

Our team is made up of experienced CTO's, CDO's, CIO's who understand the digital business landscape better than anyone else. Our practical hands-on knowledge of how technology affects businesses allows us to give world class insights into the true state of a business in the digital world.

What does a modern Organisation mean to you?


Paper based companies are prone to falling behind at any moment. Having modernized companies gives your valuation stability.


We set your company up to scale. One of the biggest benefits of technology based processes are how easy they are to replicate.


Having a contemporary organisation gives you the flexibility to adapt with the times and change your processes for the better.

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It's time to truly understand the current state of your organisation.

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