Digital Maturity Assessment

Modern business IS digital.

Modern business success IS the effective use of digital technology.

This means your business must know how it can operate and scale in a digital world. Any assessment of your company must include a complete recognition of its digital maturity.

This can be best understood as knowing and understanding the technology at work throughout your entire organisation.

This goes beyond simply considering data analysis, the role of the website or search engine rankings.

Whilst these are valid individual metrics, a comprehensive assessment of digital maturity must also consider – and account for – the technology that underpins your business-critical processes.

Critically it must assess how stable those processes are. And how scalable they could be, with the right technology.

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Our unique, intensive assessment gives an unrivalled visibility into this current – and future – state.

Consider the value of an integrated business planning system within an electronics wholesaler that makes extensive use of promotions to carve out market leadership whilst moving from air freight to shipping.

Or a combined enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) suite that enables customers for a luxury automotive manufacturer to track every aspect of the manufacture of their six-figure supercar.

Or elsewhere, the reduction in unused inventory, returns and better customer service as a result of supply chain management implemented by a fast fashion brand.

In each of these cases, technology is directly responsible for improved processes. And it can be repeated to increase those returns on investment.

We know because we have the case studies to prove it.

But in order for this to happen there needs to be a digital strategy for ongoing evolution and transformation, keenly aligned to your business objectives.