Our Method

BML Digital exists to deliver growth to your business.

We do this by enabling focused, powerful, pragmatic, and effective business modernisation.

Our expertise covers:


Accurately assessing the digital maturity of your business to show if you are digital by default or by design


Articulating clearly how much that maturity is worth


Developing a digital strategy that evolves your business to innovation today and market leadership tomorrow


Implementing that strategy on-time and on-budget


Providing senior IT leaders proven to deliver digital business success


We are a digital business ‘brain trust’ for your organisation.

In a digital world, our insight becomes your intelligence. Our experience becomes your edge.

We do this by following a clear, structured, yet pragmatic, four-point process: Assessment, Strategy, Roadmap and Execution.

It is impossible to begin a digital transformation journey or develop an appreciation of the digital profile of your company, without first assessing the current state of the business.

This assessment begins with a clear understanding of the current objectives of your business – and then seeks to answer if the current investment meets these demands.

This is not confined to technology. It must include the processes upon which your business stands, the people involved and wider groups of stakeholders, such as customers, partners, and suppliers.

There are two ways this assessment delivers value.

Firstly, defining a financial value on this state of play is often critical for businesses such as private equity companies at points of acquisition or investment.

Secondly, when a business recognises its position between digital by default or by design (if it is even on that spectrum), you have a powerful starting point for a strategy to do business better.