Reverse cloud migrations: Why some enterprises are shifting their IT back on-premise

With a steady trickle of customer organisations returning on-premise, a need to plan better may not be the whole story.

It is easy to argue that with cloud repatriation, the wrong workloads are migrated or managed – yet requirements such as skills, security and costs are not always predictable.

Some repatriations are inevitable – providers can always fail or regulations change, lower latency may be needed, and of course, kit has to be on-premise somewhere.

Paul Flack, director of solutions sales at public sector-focused Stone Group, says a hybrid model seems best overall for many, especially when customers worry about loss of “physical” control too. At the same time, risk in the cloud varies, depending partly on the provider.

Stone sees some repatriations that are typically down to costs, security or skill issues.

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